General Practitioner (GP)

General Practitioner (GP)

COVID-19 update

If you think you have Covid-19, you can phone your GP to be assessed. Learn more>>>

Otherwise, to help stop the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) everyone has been asked to stay at home.

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If you feel unwell and have non-Covid related abnormal signs or symptoms do not ignore or delay seeking medical treatment – phone your GP to discuss your symptoms. They may give you advice over the phone or arrange to see you in person. Learn more>>>

If you need medication simply phone your GP and they’ll send your prescription to your pharmacist. You may be able to get a repeat prescription without a new script – phone your pharmacist to discuss this.

If you need further information and support please contact Cairde 01 855 2111, 01 8020785.

If you get ill, the first thing to do is go to see a General Practitioner/family doctor (GP). A GP is a doctor who helps people outside of a hospital in Ireland. If you need more advanced healthcare, your GP will be able to refer you to specialists.

Important things to remember:

  • Anyone can access a GP even if you are not resident in Ireland
  • Most GPs work from 9am to 11:30am and then 2pm to 5pm, but hours can be different for GPs
  • Most GP visits cost between €40 and €60 but extra services, such as an x-ray or blood test, will cost more.
  • You won’t pay to see a GP if you have a medical card or GP Visit Card

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