Sexual health

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Sexual health services in Ireland include the following:

Contraception, emergency contraception & advice

There are many methods of contraception available to women and men. In Ireland you can discuss your contraceptive choices with your GP or family planning clinic as you may need to experiment to find what works best for you. Download the Your Contraceptive Choices leaflet in ArabicChinesePolishRussian, RomanianFrench, Portuguese, and Urdu.

Free contraception for all women aged 17 to 25 is now available. This includes:

  • GP appointments to talk about contraception options
  • prescriptions for combined oral contraception (the pill)
  • fitting and removal of long-acting reversible contraception (LARCs)
  • other types of contraception such as contraceptive injections, implants, IUS and IUDs (coils), the contraceptive patch and ring
  • emergency contraception

If you have had unprotected sex, or your contraception has failed, you could be at risk of getting pregnant.

Emergency contraception (morning after pill) is more effective if you take it as soon as possible after you have had unprotected sex. Talk to your GP, family planning clinic or pharmacist about the best emergency contraception option for you. Medical card holders can now get emergency contraception directly from a pharmacy, free of charge, without having to go to their GP for a prescription.

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Unplanned Pregnancy information & counselling

An unplanned pregnancy may leave you feeling worried and confused. My Options is a HSE free phoneline that provides free and confidential information and counselling to people experiencing an unplanned pregnancy.

Unplanned pregnancy counselling can support you during a confusing time. It can help to talk to someone who can support you to find the answers to your questions and https://www.healthpromotion.iefind what options you have available to you.

Unplanned pregnancy counselling services provide phone or remote support.

Interpreters are available. Get My Options leaflet in various languages.

Please see FAQ for contact details and what to expect from counselling sessions.


Abortion services

Abortion services continue to be provided. You can have your pre-abortion consultation by phone or video link. If the doctor needs to see you in person, they will tell you. You can find out which doctor in your area offers this service by calling the myoptions freephone helpline number at 1800 828 010. 

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STI and HIV testing, treatment & support service

While there continue to be some restrictions to public sexual health services, there are services available.  Contact your local STI clinic or GP to book an STI test.

Click here for information on the free home STI testing service

Read FAQ’s to learn more about STI and HIV services in Ireland.

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This information was last updated on the 22nd October 2021 and is subject to change depending on evolving restrictions and evidence linked to COVID-19.