FAQ Unplanned Pregnancy.

An unplanned pregnancy may leave you feeling worried and confused. You may or may not have many conflicting and strong feelings about your pregnancy.

My Options is a HSE freephone line that provides free and confidential information and counselling to people experiencing an unplanned pregnancy.

Unplanned pregnancy counselling can support you to cope with your unplanned pregnancy. It can help to talk to someone who can support you to find the answers to your questions

HSE’s My Options Information and counselling

  • Freephone number: 1800 828 010
  • Number outside of Ireland: +353 1 687 7044

Hours available:

  • Monday – Friday: 9am to 8pm
  • Saturday: 10am to 2pm

Medical advice is available:

  • 7 days a week
  • 24 hours a day

If you phone the MyOptions counselling service outside of the opening times or if all the counsellors are busy, you can leave a message. One of the counsellors will phone you back during opening times. They will return your call as soon as we can, ideally on the day, but certainly within 24 hours. They will attempt to contact you twice.

They will support you through an unplanned pregnancy, no matter what option you choose.

Webchat is also available. Contact My Options by Webchat here.

During your webchat you will be asked for your phone number if you need:

· contact details of GPs who provide abortion services

· medical advice from our nursing team

This is so we can give you a call back with the information you need.

All unplanned pregnancy counselling sessions are confidential. This is the same for the webchat service.

Yes. All unplanned pregnancy counselling sessions are confidential. Counsellors will not share your personal information or anything you discuss with anyone.

There are circumstances, however, in which the counsellor may have to share information. If this happens, a counsellor will only give information to the relevant authorities.

Counsellors will not break confidentiality without discussing it with you first. They may need to though if discussing it with you puts you or someone else at risk.

This may arise where a counsellor has reason to believe that:

  • you’re at risk of harm
  • there is a child protection issue
  • other people are at risk of harm
  • The counsellor may also have to disclose (share) information if they are mandated by law or a court order. They may also have to share information if it’s in the public interest.

When you call My Options you can schedule in a counselling session. Counselling sessions can be by phone or face-to-face.

A counselling session usually lasts about an hour and will give you:

  • time and space to work through your feelings about the pregnancy
  • the opportunity to discuss your options
  • help in telling your partner, friends and family, if you want to
  • practical information on your rights and entitlements
  • the supports that are available to you if you’re in education or if you’re working
  • information on abortion services and how to access these

Counsellors have experience in dealing with all issues relating to an unplanned pregnancy.

You can have a number of counselling sessions with My Options to support you in your decision, if needed.

As well as My Options, the HSE funds face-to-face unplanned pregnancy counselling services.

Face-to-face counselling agencies are usually able to arrange an appointment within 2 to 5 days.

You may want to bring a friend or partner with you for support. Counsellors try to speak to each person on their own as part of a counselling session.

Sometimes a parent may want to come to the counselling session. If you would prefer to speak to the counsellor alone, you could phone before your appointment and check what will happen.

No matter what age you are, what is most important is that you get the support you need. The counselling provided will depend on your exact age and on the agency’s policy. Agencies may suggest that you get support from a parent or another supportive adult.

If you don’t speak English the HSE MyOptions team can provide you with an interpreter. They will help you speak to a MyOptions counsellor over the telephone in your own language.

The MyOptions service can provide an interpreter for 240 different languages. This service is also free and confidential.

If you would like to speak to a MyOptions counsellor using an interpreter, call the Freephone line on 1800 828 010. You or someone on your behalf will need to:

  • tell the counsellor what language you speak
  • give the counsellor your phone number

An interpreter will then phone you back for a 3-way call between:

  • you
  • a MyOptions counsellor
  • the interpreter

Unplanned pregnancy counselling is not just for someone who is pregnant. Speaking with a counsellor can help if you have concerns or questions around a pregnancy.

My Options is a HSE freephone line that provides free and confidential counselling to people experiencing an unplanned pregnancy.

You can call the My Options helpline on 1800 828 010 and talk to one of our professional and experienced counsellors.

Visit the Treoir website for information about your rights.

Each of the counselling agencies listed on the Myoptions website has a dedicated staff member to investigate any complaints.

If you are not happy with the service you receive from one of the agencies listed, please contact the HSE Sexual Health and Crisis Pregnancy Programme at info@crisispregnancy.ie

Not all agencies are reliable. Some may not share all your options with you. They may not be upfront with you about their intention.

If you suspect the service you have attended has a hidden agenda, leave the session immediately.

Report the agency to the Sexual Health and Crisis Pregnancy Programme.