Hospital Services

Hospital Services

COVID-19 update

Accident & Emergency (A&E) departments are still open and are here to help in all medical emergencies.

! If you or someone else is showing signs of a stroke or heart attack do not be afraid to go to your local A&E . Call 112 or 999 immediately for emergency help.

There are some changes to outpatient appointments, day case and inpatient appointments, visitor restrictions. Learn more about each hospital >>>

If you need medication simply phone your GP and they’ll send your prescription to your pharmacist. You may be able to get a repeat prescription without a new script – phone your pharmacist to discuss this.

If you need further information and support please contact Cairde 01 855 2111, 01 8020785.

If you are an ordinarily resident in Ireland you are entitled to free or subsidised public health services. Visitors from the EU and Australia are also entitled to free public health services. Visitors from non-EU countries have to pay to use Ireland’s health services.

You can use a public hospital in Ireland in the following circumstances:

  • In an emergency

First go to your GP if you are in an emergency situation. If your GP can’t help you, they will refer you to the Accident & Emergency (A&E) department of your nearest hospital. A referral letter will make the process of using A&E much easier.

  • To see a specialist

Your GP will refer you to a specialist in a public hospital if you require specialist care. You may have to wait a long time before the specialist is able to provide you with an appointment.

  • To get a test, scan or check-up done
  • If you need a test, scan, check-up or x-ray you may need to go to a public hospital to have it done. Your GP will refer you if this is the case.

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