Mental Health

Mental Health

COVID-19 update

Coronavirus pandemic can impact our mental health. You may notice your anxiety increase, you may feel stressed, irritable, helpless or have trouble sleeping. Even though it might be difficult right now it is important to look after your own mental health.

If you use HSE Mental Health Service – If your condition gets worse, contact your mental health team or GP.

If you need further information and support please contact Cairde 01 855 2111, 01 8020785.

Visit your family doctor (GP) if you have mental health concerns.

A GP can give you advice, medication, do tests and refer you to a psychiatrist or clinical psychologist if you need these services.

Contact the GP out-of-hours service if your GP is not available or use the mental health services unit at your local hospital.

Your GP might refer you to a mental health team at your local Primary Care centre. This team may include a psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker and occupational therapist. The HSE Primary Care Centres also offer health or social services such as a psychologist in a community based setting outside of a hospital. The community mental health team is usually made up of a consultant psychiatrist, registrar in psychiatry and nurses.

Your GP or Primary Care team can also refer you to Counselling in Primary Care if you have a medical card. This service is free of charge from the HSE. It offers 6-8 counselling sessions and is delivered by qualified therapists.

Counselling is also available through self-referral if you contact individual organisations and make an appointment directly.

Contact your local HSE Health Office for more details of services in your area.

Call 1850 241 850 or go to

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