Women's Health

Women's Health

Contact your family doctor (GP) if you have any health concerns.

Your GP can refer you to a consultant gynaecologist in a public hospital if you need further tests or investigations.

Some GP practices are experts in the field of women’s health. These practices may have extra services such as family planning, reproductive health and screening services. GPs can also provide advice on contraception and prescriptions for contraceptive medicines or devices.

There are also various voluntary not-for-profit organisations which provide a range of women’s health services at affordable prices. These services include family planning and emergency contraception, crisis pregnancy services and counselling, post-abortion check-ups, sexual health screening, smear testing, fertility testing and other services. You can access these services without a GP referral.

See Sexual Health for more information on Contraception, Unplanned Pregnancy and STIs

Private women’s health clinics also provide health and fertility treatments. There is a fee for these services but any fertility treatment drugs will be covered under the Drug Payment Scheme.

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